Hudson River Museum Publishes New Book
Frohawk Two Feathers: Kill Your Best Ideas
Europeans adventurers and explorers, North American Indians, freed and enslaved Blacks, and ravishing women who love, laugh, and die on the banks of the Hudson squabble for a piece of New York and plot the demise of foe, and, sometimes, friend. Meet them all in the new adventure by Frohawk Two Feathers — Kill Your Best Ideas. Followers of Frohawk greet old friends they knew in Wars of the Frenglish Revolution and Other Conflicts, 1782-1797, The War of the Mourning Arrows, and The Battle of Manhattan. Now, here, on the Hudson are Bonnie Prince Johnnie, the vain General Orlande, the tragic Mohegan Uncas II, and the intriguing Lucretia. Others, Chief Joseph and King Arend among them, will lose more than a war as they must in Frohawk’s stories of men and women and the tribulations they create for themselves and their nations.
Available at the Museum and on Amazon   $14.95



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