Star Shows - WEEKENDS Only

The Planetarium’s NEW optical projector with its eyes on the skies!

Weekend Star Shows
What They’re About, Who They’re For

12:30 pm Show
For younger school-age children. The content and delivery of these shows inspires the youngest future astronomers to learn about the skies.

2 pm Show
For more mature audiences, including children 8 +.
A live demonstration in the Planetarium, this interactive show reveals what the sky is like at night (the very NIGHT of the show!) The Planetarium’s Megastar optical projector presents 10 million stars and its SkyScan digital projectors transport you anywhere in the universe.

3:30 pm Show
For more mature audiences, including children 8 +. These shows explore more complex scientific content, while drawing you into the action.



















Saturday, April 19 & Sunday, April 20coyote

12:30 pm   Ages 5+
Earth, Moon, and Sun
Join Coyote in a fast-paced,full-dome show that explores lunar phases, eclipses, and other puzzles.
26 minutes

2 pm    Ages 8 +
The Sky Tonight – live
Take a live tour of the heavens as seen from our area with a planetarium educator.
55 minutes

3:30 pm   Ages 8 +
We Are Astronomers
An astronomer is not the lone observer of the stars as in past centuries. This show reveals the global collaboration, technology, and dedication required to answer questions about the universe. Narrated by David Tennant, best known as the “Tenth Doctor” in the British Sci-fi series Doctor Who.
25 minutes