Museum School Partnerships

The Museum’s Education staff works with you to create multi-visit informal learning experiences at your location and at the Museum to connect your goals and our resources.

School K-12 and Higher Education
Develop Common Core and 21st-Century Skills, supporting, reinforcing, and enhancing Common Core Learning Standards and college and university research. Thematic curricula address English Language Arts; Social Studies; Mathematics, Science, Technology; and the Arts for K-12, and art history, history, and earth and physical sciences for higher education.

Early Childhood Centers
Lay the groundwork for academic and social skills through an experiential curriculum.

Senior Centers
Promote lifelong learning within a framework that is responsive to your needs. We offer intergenerational partnerships through the Junior Docent program.

Community Centers
Provide enrichment and exposure opportunities for children and their families after school, on weekends, and during school vacations.

By engaging in a Partnership with the Hudson River Museum you build an enduring relationship for your institution and participants at every level. Partnerships vary in size and scope. For example:

3-Session Permanent Collection Partnership

  • Pre-visit at your site with a Museum educator
  • A Museum visit that consists of a tour or Planetarium show, and a hands-on Workshop
  • Post-visit at your site with a Museum educator
  • Professional Development for the participating teachers and/or administrators
  • A six-month Institutional Membership to the Museum for the families of all participating students and staff

Cost per grade (up to 2 classes/group): $1,200

Other Partnership Models

3-Sessions, based on a Changing Exhibition

    • Same outline as above

6-Sessions, incorporating work with a Teaching Artist as well as a Museum educator

10-Sessions incorporating work with a Teaching Artist and Museum educator and 2 Museum visits

Teaching a multi-disciplinary program and working in media related to the exhibitions, the artists progress beyond their previous work with families and integrate their programs with groups of older adults, community organizations, and museum-school partnerships.

Special Exhibitions and Artists in Residence

Fall 2016 – Exhibitions and Workshops
Red Grooms: The Blue and The Gray & Lincoln On the Hudson
Workshop: Create a Civil War Scene, Paint a Civil War Portrait, Write a Civil War Story, Design Your Creative Space

Tom Burckhardt: FULL STOP
Tom Burckhardt has created a 3-D immersive environment filled with the materials of a modern painter toiling in romantic obscurity. The viewer who enters the walk-through studio observes the tools for art making and art books that provide inspiration, but sees no product.  In the center of the studio stands an empty canvas. Burckhardt said, “I wanted to capture the situation when an artist has run out of ideas and is blocked…”, or, comes FULL STOP.

Fall 2016 Teaching Artist in Residence
Vienna Carroll - Storyteller
Vienna Carroll
is a singer, playwright, actor, historian, and herbalist. She learned music from the Black Ladies of her youth, including her fearsome great grandmother who played country & western guitar to Minnie Pearl on Saturday night radio and proper Pentecostal chords in church on Sunday. She received a BA in African American Studies and Political Science from Yale University. Ms Carroll wrote and starred in "Singin Wid A Sword In Ma Han," a musical docudrama about a family escaping slavery, which won the NYC Fringe Festival’s Audience Favorite Award. She conceived of and produced the First Annual NYC Underground Railroad Festival Juneteenth Celebration. She partnered with Plymouth Church of the Pilgrim, a nationally certified Underground Railroad site, the Brooklyn Historical Society, the Weeksville Heritage Center and the American Theatre of Harlem to produce a sold-out event which was recorded and broadcast by WBGO-FM.

Spring 2017 – Exhibitions and Workshops

Josephine Douet: The Secret Sits - Wyeth’s Wonderland
Mid-February to mid-May, 2017

The photographs by Joséphine Douet are inspired by the same Chadds Ford, Pennsylavania landscapes and people who inspired Andrew Wyeth. The exhibition will be enhanced with select Andrew Wyeth watercolors, on loan from Adelson Galleries.
Photographic Scenes

Spring 2017 Teaching Photographer in Residence
John Maggiotto
John Maggiotto
is an artist living in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. He studied Art History and Studio Photography at the State University of New York at Buffalo. His true apprenticeship in fine arts took place at Hallwalls from 1977 to 1980, becoming the director in 1979. His work at Hallwalls, an alternative artists' collective, lead to a three year position at the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, DC. In 1983, Maggiotto moved to Los Angeles where he exhibited his SX-70 Polaroid works at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, LA Institute for Contemporary Art, and the LA County Museum of Art. The work explored the television world of idealized roles through appropriated gestures and glances directly from the screen, all depicted in the painterly palette of Polaroid Instant film. These early works relied heavily on the grid for a sense of abundance and scale. In 1985 he moved to Brooklyn, NY, and abandoned paper photo materials for marble and plaster, the viewer now had a more visceral reaction to the images. Using architectural tiles (usually 12" sq.) he built collages around themes such as labor, love, and ambition. Poured emulsion layers, repeated images, and color underpainting portray the influences of Steichen, Muybridge and Warhol. As the art world caught up to the artists, and fully accepted the photograph, Maggiotto returned to the large print as the vehicle to frame his vision.

Fall 2016 STEM
Focus: Environmental Impact on Living Organisms

Fall 2016 Scientist in Residence Alexandra Bausch Ph.D. Candidate
Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Columbia University

Alexandra Bausch grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry from Villanova University. As an undergraduate student, she conducted laboratory research in Analytical Chemistry, performed field research at the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium in Alaska, and participated in and led numerous community service projects. Following graduation, she was awarded a Fulbright Student Fellowship in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Stavanger in Norway. While there, she earned a Norwegian Marshall Fund Scholarship and went on to complete her master’s degree in Environmental Engineering with a focus in Water Science and Technology. Before she began her Ph.D., she conducted research at both NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in New York. Ali is currently a third-year Ph.D. student in the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University, conducting research at the interface of Biological and Chemical Oceanography. Her graduate research project, funded by a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship, addresses the impacts of climate change on the base of the marine food web in the Arabian Sea ecosystem.

Educators Open House

Meet and explore exhibitions and programs with demonstrations and interactive workshops:
      Reception and Tour – FREE – 4-5:30
      Artist/Scientist/Photographer in Residence 5:30-7 pm

October 27: Red Grooms: The Blue and The Gray
Artist – Vienna Carroll
Scientist – Alexandra Bausch

March 9:  Josephine Douet: The Secret Sits
Photographer – John Maggiotto