Angel of Positive Rage

Acrylic on canvas (four canvases)
144 x 192 inches
Credit Line:
Courtesy of the artist

In one of Zakanitch’s earliest ornamental works—a platter—he used a figure in a painting for the first time, this one inspired by his infant daughter. He had not planned to paint these particular household objects but his process led him in that direction: “Instead of doing patterns that just would be about patterns and go off the canvas, I started to cut into things. Suddenly there is a shape. Now, those shapes began to interest me. I thought, ‘That’s why there’s a circle… that’s a platter...’ It was so raw, you didn’t know that was happening. If I didn’t tell you, it was just a circle. Out of nowhere, I thought, ‘I think this one needs handles.’ I got really crazy and dramatic with it.”