Christine Vasan Jewelry Now at the Museum Shop

Christine Vasan’s jewelry complements the Museum’s summer exhibitions, which highlight the beauty of flowers we see in paintings, photography, and in the decorative objects which we place in our homes.
Vasan’s metal earrings and pendants reflect her fascination with unusual forms found in nature and all of their beautiful imperfections. Moving between direct representations and more stylized versions of natural forms, Christine continually explores how to capture nature’s fleeting beauty in metal. She is influenced by art history, botanical studies, and the history of craft.
Vasan uses both traditional metalsmithing techniques such as forging, casting, stone setting, chasing and repousse, and beading, as well as more experimental processes such as crocheting with silk cord and applying gold leaf onto metal. Drawing on a wide range of techniques, she explores the tension inherent in creating pieces that can be simultaneously considered strange and beautiful.

Christine moved to Westchester County a few years ago with her
family and maintains a studio in Pleasantville, NY.


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