Welcome to the Hudson River Museum Toolkit for Red Grooms’ The Bookstore!

The contents are designed to help educators explore the art of Red Grooms and bring The Bookstore to the classroom. 

Click on the books to learn more about Red Grooms and The Bookstore, find images and worksheets to use in the classroom, and discover lesson plans and project ideas to enhance the core curriculum.

’observation skills and inspire interdisciplinary connections as you prepare to visit the Hudson River Museum, or plan content lessons in the classroom. These experiential strategies that facilitate object based learning can be applied anywhere, anytime.

This project has been made possible in part by, Yonkers Public Schools and New York State Council on the Arts.

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Toolkit Information and Background

Who is Red Grooms?
1. Biography
2. 2008 interview with Red Grooms

What is The Bookstore?
1. Overview of The Bookstore with Images
2. The Bookstore is about Collaboration! Interviews with the Collaborators
3. Putting the Pieces Together: The Making of an Art Installation

Quick Sheets: Activities for Students
1. Quick Sheets - An Overview
2. Sketching: Character and Gesture
3. Sketching: Architecture and The Bookstore
4. Sketching: Learning to Look at The Bookstore
5. Activity: Everyone Has a Story
6. Activity: Architecture I Spy

The Project Place: Lesson Plans for Teachers
1. The Project Place - A Curriculum Summary
2. Fairyhouse/Found Object Lesson
3. Dreamo-Sculpto-Pictorama Lesson
4. Soft-Sculpture Lesson
5. A Lesson from the Classroom

Vocabulary and Resources
1. Vocabulary for Red Grooms' The Bookstore
2. Making Classroom Connections, Online and Local Resources
3. Multi-Disciplinary Connections Chart
4. Learning in a Museum