Permanent Collection

Paintings and prints show the landscape, everyday life, and historic moments in the Hudson Valley.


A Victorian home filled with objects, art, and
decoration from 19th-century family life.

Nybelwyck Hall in Glenview

A more-than-life size dollhouse highlights architectural features in Hudson Valley homes and tells the story about its dollhouse family.

Red Grooms: The Bookstore

A Sculpto-pictorama of a famous New York City library and bookstore.

Red Grooms' The Bookstore Toolkit

Tours may be adapted to groups of any age, and our Teaching/Touch Collection enables us to meet the special needs of our visitors.

Highlights Tour
In the Permanent Collection, focus on art work in mediums from painting, to photography, to prints.

The Gilded Age Upon the Hudson
In Glenview, look at the 19th-century restored rooms, paintings, and furnishings.

Portraiture: People and Places in Time

In the Permanent Collection, view 19th and 20th-century life in portraits,
in the galleries, in Red Grooms' Bookstore, and in Glenview, and learn
about the art of portraiture.

Artist unknown. Portrait of Mary Lilienthal, n.d.        .

Dreamy Landscapes

In the Permanent Collection, view the paintings of the
Hudson River School artists and learn about elements
of landscape painting.

Reynolds Beal. Woodstock, New York, 1918

Shapes and Patterns

In Glenview, explore the motifs and patterns found in the architecture
and interior design of a home that transforms images from nature into the
geometric language of art.

Tour and Workshop Combinations

Tour: Portraiture: People and Places in Time
Workshop: Create your own portrait with fine art materials.

Tour: Dreamy Landscapes
Workshop: Sketch and paint your own landscape with watercolors.

Tour: Shapes and Patterns
Workshop: Create decorative patterns inspired by Glenview’s rooms.

Grades 4-Adult
Tour: The Gilded Age Upon the Hudson
Workshop: Make art drawn from the leisure activities of Victorian youth.